U.S. and International Patients

The body and brain’s ability to recover from less invasive robotic cardiothoracic surgery has proven to be superior to recovery following traditional surgery. Patients come from all over the United States as well as from other countries to have their surgery performed by robotic expert Dr. Miguel Gomez, founder of International Robotic Surgery Center for the Heart and Chest in Houston, Texas.

As a patient or caregiver to someone in need of surgery, expect excellent care and follow-up by Dr. Gomez and his support staff. They will provide you with the following:

  • Thorough Assessment – Dr. Miguel Gomez will review the results of any tests that other physicians have performed to determine your condition and decide whether a patient is a candidate for cardiothoracic robotic or minimally invasive surgery.
  • Surgery Scheduling – If he determines the patient is a candidate, Dr. Gomez’s office will help to set up the surgery with Methodist West Houston Hospital. Methodist’s International Business office can help find accommodations and resolve any other travel issues.
  • Private Pre-Surgery Consultation with the Surgeon – Dr. Gomez meets with all his patients a few days before the surgery. It’s crucial, he says, to create that face-to-face doctor-patient relationship before the surgery. He also examines the patients to ensure there are no issues that might create problems during surgery.
  • Post Examination – Dr. Gomez sees patient before discharge and in follow up ten days to two weeks after they are released from the medical facility.

If you require surgery in our areas of specialization, contact our office. We are ready to serve you.