Lung Lobectomy

Robotic Lung Surgery – Surgery (Wedge resection of mass) – Lung Cancer

At International Robotic Surgery Center for the Heart and Chest, traditional and robotic cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Miguel Gomez performs surgeries for patients with lung disease. These surgeries are performed for patients that have been diagnosed with:

  • pleura (lining of the lung)
  • esophagus and mediastinum (central chest cavity)
  • lung cancer

It is common for a patient to undergo surgery to diagnose and determine the specific stage of lung cancer. Successful lung cancer treatment requires a multi-disciplinary approach, with close cooperation between primary care physicians, pulmonologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and cardiothoracic surgeons. Early detection and surgery offer the best chance for a cure, especially if the disease is localized to the lung.

Robotic Lung Cancer Surgery

The most traditional surgical procedure for lung cancer is a lobectomy. This procedure traditionally requires the surgeon to make a 6-to-9 inch long incision along the side of the chest to remove the portion of the lung where the tumor is located as well as to remove the appropriate lymph nodes from the chest cavity.

For patients with tumors small enough to take advantage of robotic surgery, Dr. Miguel Gomez specializes in robotic procedures which use precise, small incisions that minimize trauma to his patients and result in:

  • less pain
  • less chance of infection
  • faster recovery times

Thoracic procedures

For other tumors, these less invasive thoracic techniques can be an option:

  • lymph node biopsies of mediastinum
  • management of pleural diseases
  • treatment of esophageal diseases
  • robotic assisted lung resection
  • robotic assisted mediastinal mass resection

If you or someone you love requires lung surgery contact us to find out more about these less invasive robotic lung surgery options.